Inmate Moved Out Of Lexington

An inmate behind a scandal at the Fayette County Jail is no longer in Lexington.

Marlow Valentine, who claims a guard stole money from him, was moved today for his own protection.

The guard now facing charges appeared in court for the first time.

Valentine, in jail on a murder charge, claims the guard extorted money from him.

Today, he was taken to the Louisville Jail, as part of a precautionary measure that jail officials say is standard when an inmate accuses an employee of wrong doing.

The employee accused, Guard Shannon Raglin, faces a misdemeanor charge of official misconduc for receiving money Valentine says he was forced to give.

A spokesperson at the jail tells 27 NEWSFIRST, money transactions between employees of the jail and inmates, loan or not, are in direct violation of jail regulations.

For now, Raglin is on administrative leave.

A joint investigation is on-going between Lexington Police and the jail, but at this time we're told no additional charges or arrests are expected.

Raglin is due back in court next month.

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