Reality Check: Should You Be Concerned About Staph Outbreaks?

It's been on the minds of parents and students all across the state.

27 NEWSFIRST is learning about more reported cases of staph infection in Kentucky schools, where even day cares have been affected.

Parents with children at a daycare facility on Versailles Road got letters today after a reported case there.

Schools in Morgan County were closed today for cleaning and disinfecting after reports of a high school student there contracting an antibiotic resistant strain of staph infection called MRSA.

8 students have been diagnosed with the infection at Ryle High School in Boone County, and a letter was sent home to parents of students at Rockcastle County Middle School, informing them it has confirmed "one of our students does have a staph infection."

With all this in mind, the state's epidemiologist says it's understandable that parents are concerned right now, but there's no reason for them to shift into panic mode.

Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, Director of the Kentucky Division of Epidemiology, says the easiest and best way of preventing MRSA is frequent and thorough hand washing.

Dr. Humbaugh doesn't predict a worst case scenario, in which all Kentucky schools would have to be temporarily shut down and disinfected.

He says The environmental disinfection part is important, but not as important as what students can do to protect themselves.

The Department of Public Health says one reason bacteria like this become resistant to antibiotics, is that people often don't take the entire course of antibiotics prescribed by their doctor.

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