Southern Kentucky "Unite" Bandits Sent Back To Prison

Their victims were people who would normally feel safe in the comfort of their homes. But prosecutors say Christopher Claxton and Brian Turner didn't seem to care who they terrorized.

“In terms of people so brazen as to hit one house after the other,” says Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney David Dalton.

Claxton and Turner both admitted to a half dozen different charges and Thursday, they were sentenced to 20 years in prison, where they met while serving previous sentences on multiple felonies.

“Internal affairs people over there in prison said they were friends,” says Dalton.

And not long after their release, police say they started a rampage of home invasions in Pulaski, Adair, Russell, and McCreary Counties.

“In fact, in McCreary County, they hogtied the victim in his own bathtub, took his government issued Visa card and later tried to use it at the Lowe's here in Somerset. They really have no respect for the law,” says Dalton.

Both men admitted to the crime spree and prosecutors say they're glad the victims never had to testify in trial.

The Adair County victim was a 74-year-old woman who was dragged out of her car, tied up, and robbed.

“She was the treasurer for the church and they took the church money too,” says Dalton.

Claxton and Turner won't be eligible for parole for at least 17 years.

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