Shots Fired At Magoffin Sheriff & Officers

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A tense night in eastern Kentucky after shots are fired at the Magoffin County Sheriff.

It happened in the community of Royalton off Half Mountain Road last night..

Sheriff Bob Jordan was trying to arrest a teen driver for fleeing a D.U.I. checkpoint. The teen wouldn't stop, leading Jordan and several state troopers on a chase. Officers say the 15 year-old boy wrecked shortly thereafter, ran away, and fell down a 20-foot embankment.

While officers tried to rescue the boy, shots began to ring out around them. Sheriff Jordan says he could see the rounds going over his head.

Jordan says he, a deputy & two state troopers ducked in front of their cars while shots continued for two hours.
Five other troopers eventually came in and rescued them.

Police say the teen was not the one firing shots, but believe he knows who is responsible. The teen also shattered the window of a cruiser, while trying to escape and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

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