Two Hurt When Car Slams Into Whitley County Store

Jim Thornton said he and his children were at Jones' Grocery in Whitley County to get pizza because it was his night to cook. His 8-year-old son, Jimmy, was standing at the candy aisle when, “I heard a noise, I turned around. It hit me. It carried me through the store,” says Jimmy of the terrifying experience of being hit by a car.

Jimmy was pinned between the car and the candy aisle. Police say Carl Music was behind the wheel.

“The guy had actually put it in park and turned it off. I drug him out and I started the car, put it in reverse and got it off of him,” says Jimmy’s father.

Jimmy and another man were hurt. They were taken a to a Tennessee hospital. Jimmy now has 13 stitches in his leg.

“Five inside, eight on the outside; it could have been worse, but God was watching over me,” says Jimmy.

Police arrested Carl Music and charged him with assault, DUI, and criminal mischief. Witnesses told police that Music was arguing with an employee before the accident.

Carl Music did not wish to give his side of the story from inside the Whitley County Detention Center, but workers inside the story Friday say it was just an accident.

The suspect's daughter says her father never intended to harm anyone.

“I was told by the owner of the store that when he backed up, he hit the railing of the gas pump, protective railing, and he tried to accelerate, to get off the railing. From that point, the car went into the store,” says Cheryl Music.

Music remains in jail on $250,000 bond.

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