Soldiers Come To A Kentucky Woman's Rescue

Two soldiers are being credited with preventing a second tragedy for a Louisville family.

The Mouser family had lost their son to a car accident Saturday.
Hours later, his mother suffered a heart attack while in a car, and two heroes came to the rescue.

Sergeants Gerald Dick and William Felts were headed in different directions on Hwy 22 when they saw a woman waving, frantic about her friend.

Each decided to pull over to offer help.

After they opened the door and tried to talk to her, she slumped over
Sgt. Dick says they then pulled her out of the car, and did a quick assessment.

That's when they discovered that she didn't have a pulse.

They performed first aid and CPR until emergency crews arrived.

They later learned the woman they helped had lost her son, Taylor, hours earlier to a car crash less than half mile away.
Police believe speed and alcohol could have played a factor.

Both men spent time with the family at the hospital. And both men credit their army training with helping Mrs. Mouser.

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