Suspicious Fires In Laurel County

Pastor Charles Shelton has been a busy man the last three months.

Monday was to be one of the last days in a three-month renovation to prepare the new East London Church of God for services.

However, early in morning, he couldn't believe what he saw when he opened the doors: lots and lots of smoke. The inside was on fire.

“I looked at the auditorium and it was black. Came back and called 911; they sent the fire department,” says Shelton.

Shelton says there were signs of a break in. And, police think an arsonist is probably to blame.

“We’ll clean up a little soot, little smoke, we'll be back in business,” he says.

Just down Old Crab Orchard Road, another suspicious fire.

Juanita Inman's mother ran a store for years before an illness kept her from working. Now, their store will have to be torn down, instead of reopened.

“She found out about it today. She said, ‘you know, it makes my heart sick’. It's so hard. It's been around for 100 years,” says Inman.

Local, state and federal ATF agents are investigating the fires.

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