Your Personal Information Could Be Treasure For Dumpster Divers

A warning today about what your bank or doctor's office may be throwing away. The State's Attorney General says your personal information could be at risk.

Investigators say they found hundreds of personal records, from drivers licenses to social security numbers and even x-rays, all in dumpsters outside businesses in four Kentucky cities, including Lexington and Frankfort.

It happened in a month's period, from July to August.

Out of the 121 businesses that were investigated, 33 of those businesses were reported to be in direct violation of the Consumer Protection Act, throwing away over 500 records of personal information, belonging to over 1250 Kentuckians.

Everything from social security numbers to personal bank account records to medical charts were found in public dumpsters.

Officials are warning for a high risk for identity theft.

Experts say you should always make sure you ask how a business destroys personal records, so you don't become a victim of identity theft.

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