Health Department Returns To Andover Hills

The Fayette County Health Department is back in a Lexington neighborhood today, where a rat infested home is the center of attention.

Neighbors in the Andover Hills Area are concerned the rats will spread to their homes.

Representatives from the Health Department are back in the Andover Hills neighborhood armed with these fliers, trying to educate neighbors.

Dozens of Health Department employees are scouring the neighborhood surrounding Glenn Abbey Circle, checking to see if rats have started new nests near homes.

They're carrying small packets of rat poison that they're offering to neighbors.

This effort comes after a home on Glenn Abbey Circle was condemned.

Investigators say trash piled up inside for quite a while, causing rats to make themselves at home.

Health officials say in order to keep the rats from migrating, they will have to kill them before the trash is removed from inside.

Pamphlets distributed by the Health department advise neighbors to dispose of trash in thick plastic bags, and keep all pet food in metal containers with tight-fitting lids.

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