Proposed Weather Radio Law To Target Mobile Homes

While we are seeing sunny skies right now, we know Kentucky is no stranger to severe weather.

Now, a proposal expected before next year's General Assembly could make those stormy night's a little safer.

While the peak of severe weather season is in the spring, tornadoes are not uncommon in the late fall. Now, everyone is in danger from an approaching tornado, but safer provisions are in the works for mobile homes specifically.

If the proposed bill is passed in January, every newly built manufactured home will have a functioning weather radio. Hopefully in the future, this will help to save lives.

We'll track this proposed law next year through the General Assembly.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get a NOAA weather radio for your home, WKYT has teamed up with Kroger to offer them at a discount at most Kroger stores.

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