Candidates Campaign Hard As Election Draws Near

LIBERTY, Ky. (AP) - Governor Ernie Fletcher stumped in
predominately Republican areas of the state today, urging
supporters to ignore recent media polls that show him trailing in
his bid for re-election.
Fletcher urged about 100 cheering supporters in Liberty to
ignore the polls and vote. The incumbent told the crowd that their
support would help him win re-election.
Nearly 400 people gathered at a prayer breakfast in London
today, with another 200 at a speech in Somerset where he stopped en
route to Liberty.
Two news organization polls in recent weeks have shown Fletcher
trailing Democratic challenger Steve Beshear by 15 to 23 percentage
Fletcher has been weakened by political scandal - dogged by a
hiring scandal that resulted in a slew of indictments, including
his own, pardons and a deal with prosecutors to make the charges go
He has latched onto a number of issues during the campaign,
hoping one of them would give him the traction he needs to pull out
a victory. Among those issues, he has railed against his opponents
proposal to legalize casino gambling, and he has pushed to deport
illegal aliens.

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