UK Researcher Conducts Ground Breaking Study

A study done by a University of Kentucky researcher involving breast feeding and sagging breasts is getting international attention.

The study done by Dr. Brian Rinker from right here in Lexington is causing a buzz across the airwaves and leading newspapers across the world.

Breastfeeding and breast sagging; women have related the two for years. But now, Dr. Rinker says not anymore.

At 41 years old, she's close to the average age and shares what most women with children may feel.

Kimberly Wynn says when her children turned 18 and 20, she felt like it was time to do something for herself. The breast lift, she says, lifted what she thought motherhood may have taken from her.

But in a study of one hundred and thirty two patients who were39 years old on average, and who had had at least one pregnancy with most being breast feeders, Dr. Brian Rinker says there was no relation between the sagging and the breastfeeding.

Instead, age, cigarette smoking and weight were all factors.

Dr. Rinker says he has had calls from as far away as China and India on the story.

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