Toddler Dies in Corbin House Fire

Neighbors in a north Corbin subdivision are joining their friends in grieving over 2 year old McKinzie Robinson, who died Monday morning in his bedroom. Officials say McKinzie's father, Bill, was in the other side of the house and tried a rescue by breaking the window with his hands. But it was too late. McKinzie didn't make it.

“Well I know Bill. And I know if there's anyway humanly possible he would try to save that child. He loved his children,” says neighbor Bonnie Farmer.

Officials pinpointed the ignition source to an electrical heating pad left on a bed in the master bedroom. Firefighters only had to travel a mile, enough time to prevent the home from burning down, but not enough time to save a young child’s life.

“West Knox Fire Dept. response was 4 minutes from time Laurel Dispatch was notified,” says Laurel County Public Safety Director Brian Reams.

Firefighters arrived to join a desperate, but wounded father, cut by glass when he broke his son's window to save the toddler, but it was too late.

“He was trying to do what a daddy was supposed to do. Save his baby,” says neighbor Elizabeth Watson.

Bill Robinson was treated and released by a local hospital.

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