Voters Head To The Polls

Voters are already out this morning, casting their ballots.

Polling centers across the state opened at six this morning.

Among the voters, Gubernatorial candidate Steve Beshear, who is expected to cast his vote in Clark County and Governor Ernie Fletcher, who will vote in Frankfort.

Some of the other races we'll be watching today in our Campaign '07 coverage, a precinct vote to decide whether alcohol can be served at Shakertown in Mercer County.

Also, a hotly contested district judges race in Madison and Clark Counties where incumbent David Perdue faces a challenge from Richmond Attorney Earl Ray Neal.

In Southern Kentucky, voters in Whitley and McCreary counties will decide which district judge moves up to the circuit bench. Judges Cathy Prewitt and Dan Ballou are facing off.

As of 7:45 this morning, the Secretary of State's office says there has been only one voter related problem. That was in Jefferson County where one precinct didn't open until 6:50, because workers weren't set up on time.

Les Fugate, with the Secretary of State's Office, says this was the smoothest opening in their term. Usually they get more than a dozen calls by this time.

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