Beshear Wins Governor's Race

Associated Press Writer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Democrat Steve Beshear defeated a scandal-plagued Republican incumbent Tuesday to become governor of Kentucky, pulling off a political comeback 20 years after last holding office.

Beshear, a Lexington attorney who served as lieutenant governor from 1983-87, defeated Gov. Ernie Fletcher, who had been indicted on charges that he rewarded politically connected Republicans with jobs at the expense of Democrats.

Beshear, who served as lieutenant governor from 1983-87, reminded voters about Fletcher's scandal at every opportunity, whether in televised debates, political ads or stump speeches. Beshear made ethics a key issue in the gubernatorial race, saying Fletcher not only broke his campaign promise from four years ago to clean up Frankfort but had actually made a mess of his own.

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