Laurel County Road Named After Soldier Killed In Iraq

It's a place that many people in Laurel County pass by; Highway 229 near 192 in front of the American Legion Post. And now, every time they travel through here, they'll see a name that many here believe is the name of a hero.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Hamlin died in May by a roadside bomb. It was his 4th deployment to the war torn county. But it was a place he wanted to be.

“He just went and went and went. He wasn't forced to go. It was his decision. Ultimately, it cost him his life,” says Kenneth Vanourney, who taught Hamlin when Hamlin was a ROTC cadet about seven years ago.

And on Sunday, soldiers, veterans, and people in the Laurel County Community will officially dedicate the sign to the first Laurel County soldier to die in a combat situation in Iraq.

“By having a street named after him he'll be remembered forever,” says Vanourney.

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