Police Search For Driver In Hit And Run

Georgetown Police are searching for a driver who hit another car head on, then took off into a neighborhood on foot. It happened in front of the Elkhorn Meadows Subdivision, near I-75 and U.S. 60.

Police say a Hispanic man and woman were inside the car that slammed into another car with two people inside. The couple in the other car were taken to a nearby hospital with neck and chest injuries.

Witnesses told police the two ran towards a home in a nearby housing development. Police searched the home and the neighborhood. They found the passenger, who suffered from minor injuries. They're looking for the Hispanic driver, known only as Javier. Police say they don't have a physical description of the man, but they know where he lives.

Neighbors say they don't know the suspects well, but they aren't surprised that there was such a serious accident in their neighborhood. They say people often drive recklessly through the area.

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