Damaged Fire Station Can Be Salvaged

Cleanup continues at a Lexington Fire Station, where a van plowed into the building. Structural engineers were on the scene on Thursday and Friday.

It happened at Station #4 on Jefferson Street. Witness say the driver lost control and slammed into the building.

Police say it's possible the driver may have had a medical condition. The driver of the van was taken to the hospital after the crash with minor injuries.

There was some concern initially that the impact of that Chevy Van on Thursday morning and the resulting crack running well up the wall might have left the 103 year old building irreparable, but now we're told it will be renovated.

It did require a lot of work to seal off the gaping hole and shore up the cracks to the point where there was no longer any doubt that the wall could come tumbling down.

"Our crews worked until approximately 2 o'clock this morning with a structural engineer to get it shored up and safe, and now we're waiting on the construction crew to start renovating the station," said Assistant Chief Bill Bailey.

Fire officials say it is up to the insurance company and construction crews how long it will be before the station can re-open. They hope to have it up in running in two to three months.

Thankfully, their were no injuries to firefighters at the station. They had taken the truck out on a call, just before the driver lost control and hit the building.

While Station #4 is closed for repairs, the firefighters who usually live there will be stationed at Fire Station #1.

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