Activists Speak Out For Immigration Issues

Local leaders and immigration activists gathered in Lexington today to respond to recent recommendations on how the city of Lexington should deal with undocumented immigrants.

While most of those in attendance today said they were pleased Mayor Jim Newberry formed the commission to address the immigration issue, they weren't happy that he shot down a couple of the recommendations so quickly.

The report was released Tuesday, and immediately the Mayor said he had serious concerns about two of the recommendations. The first, issuing I.D. cards or driver's licenses to residents regardless of immigration status, and the second, lobbying lawmakers in Frankfort on that issue. Some activists say documentation like this would help police track repeat criminal offenders.

While the Mayor has already expressed concern with some of the recommendations, there is still hope that a compromise can be made.

The nine member commission met for five months and talked with hundreds of people from all walks of life to come up with their seven recommendations.

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