Hollywood Actress Hits It Big In The Bluegrass

An actress raised in Lexington finds television success in Hollywood, then moves back to Kentucky and lands one of the most rewarding roles of her career.

Amy Hess went through Henry Clay High School without really knowing what she wanted to do with her life. But when her parents gave her a trip to New York for an International Model and Talent Association competition as a graduation present, an acting career was launched.

At the competition, Amy says she had some interest from casting directors and agents, so she headed for Hollywood where she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and eventually landed roles on some popular TV shows.

She says she guest starred on 90210, and also got to go on In The Heat of the Night with Doug McClure and Carroll O'Connor.

But after living in L.A. for 13 years, she decided to move with her husband and young son back to Kentucky, not expecting to find much TV acting work available here.

But through Heyman Talent in Cincinnati, Amy was able to book some commercials, which led her to Kelly's Film Works, where she got a part in their show, The Stranger, which is re-airing tomorrow morning at 7 on TBN.

The director of that show had her audition for a series of programs called The Easter Experience, and Amy won the part of Mary Magdalene.

And Amy says the Easter Experience and The Stranger were two things that she was the most proud of.

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