27 NEWSFIRST Investigates: Bank Robberies On The Rise

It's one crime if committed, it guarantees a federal prison sentence.
We're talking about bank robbery, and it's happening more often here in Lexington.

This bank here on Tates Creek Road has been hit four times this year alone. It's one of many Lexington bank robberies this year. Police say crimes like this are on the rise here in Lexington and across the country.

You watch a movie, and you see people go in, rob a bank, and get all the money.

The reality in Lexington, is bank robbers go inside for short time and really don't get that much money.

But that isn't stopping dozens of men and women from walking into banks and holding them up.

Lexington usually averages 10 to 12 bank robberies a year, but so far this year, there has been a significant increase.

In 2005 and 2006, there were 11 bank robberies in Lexington per year. But already in 2007, Lexington has seen 16 bank robberies.

Sergeant Pete Ford handles most of these robberies, and he says Lexington hasn't had the violence like we've seen in other cities

But Lexington isn't completely out of the clear. When you look at the method used in the bank robberies in recent years, not only are we seeing more robberies, but the robbers have been armed with guns. It jumped from one armed bank robber in 2005, to six armed gunmen so far this year.

Authorities say most of these robberies take place on Fridays, between 9AM and 11AM.

Of the 16 bank robberies so far in Lexington this year, police have only made arrests in five of them.

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