Wrong Turn Caused Man's Death, Family Says

A Madison County family is outraged after their loved one's death, which they say could have been prevented. James Rowlett died Sunday. The death certificate says the 67 year old died from lack of oxygen to his brain, his family says he died after emergency crews took too long to respond to their call for help.

The Rowletts live on Glades Street in Berea. Their home is less than a half a mile from Madison County EMS. After the Rowletts called 911 dispatchers, paramedics went down Glades Road by mistake. Madison County EMS Director, Jimmy Cornelison, says the wrong turn delayed their response time. He says the crews arrived in 10 minutes.

Rowlett's family members tell 27NEWSFIRST it should have taken paramedics only one minute to arrive at their home. Cornelison admits responders made a mistake, but once they arrived on the scene, crews followed protocol and were able to resuscitate Rowlett. But, Cornelison says he had already suffered brain damage.

The family says it's a terrible tragedy and they don't want it to happen to another family.