Black Bears Invade The Bluegrass

They're being spotted more and more in communities across Kentucky. Black bears are on the prowl and environmentalists say the recent drought may be to blame.

Bears are having to venture further out into populated areas to find food after the disappointing crop season. This means bears could be scrounging for food in people's trash cans! There have been more complaints of nuisance activity this year, and even the occasional bear sightings in cabins.

Kentucky officials say everyone needs to be on guard and more importantly, to not feed the bears.

As temperatures turn colder and we get closer to the holidays, many people may travel into the woods for a little cabin getaway. But no need to be afraid, there are easy ways to keep the bears away. Don't leave trash outside for long periods of time. Also don't leave pet food outside on the porch, or even an open bag nearby.

Officials say, "99 percent of the time, you remove the food and you will remove the problem."

While it's likely you will see a bear this cold season, officials say they are only for the watching, not the hunting.

Black bears are protected in Kentucky and there is no hunting season for them.

Wildlife officials say to remember to keep your distance and both humans and black bears can enjoy nature together

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