Somerset Basketball Team Dedicates Season To Injured Player

A Southern Kentucky athlete was looking forward to a successful year on her high school basketball team, but a terrible accident put those plans on hold.

Now her community's coming together to show their support, and her team has found a new motivation for success.

Southwestern Lady Warriors Coach Tim Rice calls Heather Overton one of the hardest playing girls he's ever coached. Now, Coach Rice is dealing with the reality that Overton won't be part of his team this year, a team that nearly made the Sweet 16 last year.

A car crash on October 23rd could have killed Overton, now she's in fair condition, an improvement that's not surprising to some.

Teammate Stephanie Salyers calls Overton, "a fighter," saying she never doubted she would pull through.

Now, Stephanie and her teammates have dedicated the season to Overton. They'll wear her initials on their jerseys, they've made banners and cards, and they've stood by her side nearly every day.

Coach Rice says, "We're moving on with our team because we have to, but we're still keeping her in our mind and heart."

And her number, above the training room, will always be seen as they head out on the court for each game.

An account for Heather Overton has been set up at Citizen's National Bank in Somerset for donations to help her family with expenses related to the accident.

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