Wisconsin Authorities Question Valentine's Release

New questions today about why a Lexington murder suspect caught in Wisconsin was ever let out of jail in Kentucky in the first place.

Marlowe Valentine and his fiance Jessica Fields were caught after a two day manhunt.

Valentine took off after a Lexington judge let him out of jail for a doctor's appointment. Valentine, who is accused in the 2005 murder of Hector Morales was granted a 7 hour pass from Judge Kim Bunnell. However, the 7 hours turned into a two day search for the couple. Now many, including prosecutors in Wisconsin, are asking questions.

Last week in Judge Kim Bunnell's court, Valentine was granted a medical pass. But a judge in Kenosha, Wisconsin doesn't understand why the pass was given in the first place. The judge also raised questions about Valentine's $20,000 bond, which he said was set entirely too low.

Valentine and his fiance Jessica Fields are charged fleeing and evading Kenosha police.The Wisconsin judge recommended a $500 thousand bond.

In Kentucky, it's at the judge's discretion who gets a medical pass and when. This case isn't the first time a Fayette County judge's leniency in granting a pass has been questioned.

You might remember back 2004. A judge granted David Hawkins a five day pass to attend a funeral in Detroit. Judge Pamela Goodwine didn't see him again until five months later.

Since Valentine's case is ongoing, it's has yet to be determined if any changes are made to how jail passes are issued after this latest problem.

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