UK's Loss Has Some Fans Losing Money

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For some Kentucky basketball fans the cats failure to take it to the hole, has left them in the hole.

Hundreds paid thousands to cheer on the cats in New York's Madison Square Garden at the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic, but since the cats aren't going, many fans don't want to either.

Now many fans are out of luck since thousands in travel agency packages and tickets are non-refundable.

Travel companies say they've been swamped by calls in which they're breaking the news to cat fans that they won't be scoring any refunds, but that call's been overturned for another set of fans.

Those who are a part of UK's fan club will get their $1,800 refunded.

The UK athletics department is making sure of it, by forking out $90,000 in cancellation fees to the travel agency those fans used.

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