School Discrimination Lawyer Receives One-third Requested Fee

LOUISVILLE, KY -- The Louisville Courier Journal reports attorney Ted Gordon will receive $210,000 for leading the five-year legal fight to overturn Jefferson County Public Schools' racial integration policy -- less than a third of what he requested.

Gordon sustained the case "more upon a conviction than skill," U.S. District Judge John Heyburn wrote yesterday in his ruling awarding the money for fees, expenses and a bonus, but "the undeniable truth is that counsel pursued an epic case against considerable odds and vehement opposition to an astonishing success."

Heyburn rulted that Crystal Meredith, the Louisville woman whose son was at the center of the case, won't receive any money, reports the newspaper.

The judge ruled that the school district should pay Gordon $112,500 for nearly 500 hours of work at $225 an hour in the legal case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Gordon asked for $400 an hour and a bonus for a total of $750,000, writes the Courier Journal.

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