Lexington Art Heist Featured In National Magazine

One of Lexington's best known crimes in recent years will be told nationwide. The edition of Vanity Fair Magazine, that went on sale Tuesday, tells about a rare book heist at Transylvania University.

Back in December of 2004, valuable sketches and rare manuscripts were taken from Transy's special collections library and were then offered for sale at New York City art houses.

The four men convicted of the crime are Eric Borsuk, Warren Lipka, Charles Allen and Spencer Reinhard. Charles Allen was the only one who didn't speak to Vanity Fair. The article decribes how they hatched the idea of the heist in the first place, how the heist went down from start to finish, and even went into detail of how they used a stun gun on the librarian, blindfolded her and tied her up during the theft.

They also talked to Vanity Fair about how they were able to make connections with what they called the "underworld," to figure out how to sell the stolen goods. But it was that attempted sale of the stolen items that got them caught. An e-mail they used to try to sell their newly acquired possessions to Christie's Auction House in New York was traced back to them, and shortly after all four were arrested in Lexington.

In April 2005, the four students pleaded guilty in Federal Court to robbery, conspiracy and theft of major artworks.

They were sentenced in December 2005.

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