High Priced Fuel Leads To High Speed Chase

A woman is in jail after police say she lead them on a chase that covered parts of two counties.

State Police say the chase began at a gas station in Pendleton County, after Mary Hoerlein-Veeneman drove off without paying for her gas.

The chase passed through 2 counties, involved 3 police agencies, and lasted for nearly an hour.

At one point, speeds reached 80 miles an hour. Officers deployed stop sticks, and the Ford Focus blew two tires. But the Focus driver didn't slow down, and continued to ride on her rims before ramming into two cruisers. Police then tried to pin her in, but the driver couldn't be stopped.

The driver eventually lost control and crashed. That's when she jumped out of her car, and took off running. Police caught up with her seconds later, and placed her under arrest.

In addition to the misdemeanor charge for not paying for her gas, Hoerlin-Venneman now faces more serious charges, including wanton endangerment and nine counts of fleeing and evading.

Police say alcohol was not a factor.

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