Spooky Surveillance At Ohio Gas Station

Halloween has come and gone, but there are some spooky surveillance pictures out today from Ohio.

There's a mysterious appearance on a gas station's security cameras.

At the Marathon Gas Station in Ohio, something is causing jaws to drop

It's an eerie, luminous, blue, ghostly image caught on surveillance video.

The image sits there for half an hour, then flies off. Then the ghost-like figure lands on the car windshield, then floats away.

Whatever it is, it has dozens of people flocking to the gas station, checking out the camera to see what this possibly could be. While no one knows for sure, everyone seems to have an idea, from claims it's just a plastic bag to an angelic presence, turning non-believers into believers.

The gas station is just outside Parma, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland.

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