Governor-Elect Beshear Continues To Promise Change

Governor-Elect Steve Beshear says he's moving fast to put his administration in place so he can "hit the ground running."

In an exclusive interview with Bill Bryant for Kentucky Newsmakers, Beshear continues to promise change.

Appearing at WKYT, the Governor-Elect was upbeat and focused on the task ahead. Beshear says he's in the process of choosing an experienced diverse cabinet.

He says he appeared before the State School Board because the choice of a new education commissioner is very important. He also says he fully realizes that choice is not his to make directly.

Beshear says getting a casino amendment passed will be a top priority for his administration early, because he believes it could mean at least 500 million dollars a year in revenue for the state.

Beshear also says part of his campaign to the legislature and to the public will be to assure Kentuckians that the new money would be spent for specific purposes.

The timeline is tight for Governor-Elect Beshear. He'll be sworn into office in just 27 days, and three weeks after that, lawmakers arrive in Frankfort quickly expecting to see and act on his first budget and other proposals.

You can see the entire wide ranging interview with Governor-Elect Beshear on Kentucky Newsmakers this weekend.

It airs Saturday morning at eleven on WKYT.

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