Grant County Drug Suspect Roundup

Kentucky State Police were working early this morning in Grant County, busy getting suspected drug dealers off the streets.

They hit the street about five this morning and in just a few hours they had 16 suspected drug dealers in cuffs.

They called it Operation Fall Harvest. Troopers and detectives from Kentucky State Police in Dry Ridge spent the past year investigating these people for narcotics trafficking, and today their hard work paid off.

During the year long investigation, undercover narcotics officers and troopers followed the suspects, and were able to make controlled purchases of drugs from them.

Those they busted today range in age from 19 to 45 years old. Most of the charges were first or second degree felonies for trafficking or possession of controlled substances.

Some of the people arrested today could be facing a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to ten thousand dollars. Everyone arrested in the round up was taken to the Grant County Detention Center.

The grand jury in Grant County returned warrants yesterday on the 20 people they were searching for this morning, and those who weren't caught today will now be considered wanted and Kentucky State Police will continue to search for them.

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