Laurel County Cleanup Continues Amidst Challenges

Victor Krahnbuhl lives in the woods and he's got lots of trees down. His house was spared but his storage shed got hit by a big hickory.

And now he's trying to take it down; the problem is that a smaller tree is holding the bigger one up. He's by himself and concerned what'll happen if something goes wrong.

“If it kicks back it'll kill you. It's dangerous work,” says Krahnbuhl.

George Couch on Cabin Creek Rd. has a different dilemma. His storage shed was thrown down the hill into a relative's front yard but he can't clean anything up until his insurance company shows up. All kinds of belongings including his beloved motorcycle are all ruined and he doesn't know how long he'll have to look at it.

“It’s kind of sad. Had all my baby's toys in that; they're all scattered down here,” says Couch.

But Couch as well as nearly every other storm victim here is protected by the safety net that insurance provides. In fact emergency management says all but one victim has insurance.

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