Homeowners Turning To A Higher Power

While the "For Sale" sign might be staying up longer outside Lexington homes, the prognosis isn't all bad.

The National Association of Realtors' top economist says Lexington is among four cities where home prices are under priced.

Nashville, Pittsburgh, and Denver are also on the list.

With new home construction down in Central Kentucky, Dr. Lawrence Yun predicts increased demand will drive prices up in 2008.

But right now, some homeowners seem desperate to sell, and they're turning to a higher power.

It's a beautiful full brick home, complete with four bedrooms and three and a half baths, located in Hartland, a sought out Lexington neighborhood. But like many other homes on the market, this one isn't moving either.

Jaime Sayre says she was willing to try anything, even if it meant following what she thought was a crazy friend's lead.

When her friend had trouble selling her house, she bought a St. Joseph statue that she buried in her yard, and three weeks later, she sold her house.

So, Jaime and her husband Brian and their two children bought and buried the St. Joseph statue.

Over at the Benedictus store in Lexington, Patrick O'Mahony says everyone is doing it. O'Mahony says all you have to do is buy the home sell practice kit and follow the instructions. The key, he says, is prayer. St. Joseph doesn't discriminate, he says, "Prayer is prayer, no matter what faith you are."

And for the Sayre family, it's that faith that they're banking on.

The latest numbers show it takes 82 days to sell a home in the Lexington area. That's three days longer than a year ago.