Police Investigating Student Teacher Relationship

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She was supposed to teach him about math, but police say a teacher's relationship with one of her students didn't add up.

Now she's resigned from her job at the Deming School in Robertson county and is under investigation.

Former students of the accused teacher say, the alleged inappropriate relationship had been going on for at least a year, and some concerned parents in the school district say action should have been taken long ago.

The superintendent of Robertson County says another school board member brought a situation to his attention back in September; that the eighth grade teacher had been sending text messages to one of her students a total of more than 3000 texts.

Superintendent Chuck Brown says he confronted the teacher then suspended her thinking that would be the end of it.

Meanwhile, students say rumors of a relationship between the teacher and an eighth grader were circulating. This Sunday Kentucky State Police began an investigation into the alleged inappropriate contact. Soon after the teacher quit her job at the school.

Now that the word has spread in Robertson County many family members of students are worried.
KSP is investigating, but no charges have been filed against the former teacher therefore we have decided not to reveal her name at this time.

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