Arrested Soldier Released From Jail

He was arrested for being AWOL while getting treatment at the Lexington VA Hospital, but now, this Central Kentucky soldier is out of jail.

Police took Justin Faulkner into custody when he went to the VA hospital, instead of Iraq. His family says he was in the process of getting medical treatment for post traumatic stress disorder at the time police arrested him.

Faulkner returned from a 18 month tour of duty in Iraq in 2006.
When he returned, he struggled to re-adjust to life at home.

He went from job to job, then decided to re-enlist in the Army, but his family says his mental health was not what it used to be before going to war.

At first, Faulkner started to self medicate; buying drugs off the street.

When he re-enlisted in the army just weeks ago, the staff at Fort Campbell put him on medication to deal with his emotional instability, but his family says the Army was simply covering up a mental problem that needed serious attention.

On Tuesday, Faulkner checked himself into a V.A. Hospital and was beginning medical treatment when he was arrested for going AWOL around 2 a.m. Saturday.

His family says the doctors told them Faulkner was in no shape to go back to Iraq, and needed medical supervision.

This afternoon, the army dropped the charge and ordered the Stanton soldier to return to base.

The Army gave Faulkner a Greyhound bus ticket to Ft. Campbell when he got out of jail this afternoon.

Army officials say they will arrest him if Faulkner is not on the bus.

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