Elderly Man In Bad Health Faces Retrial In Murder Case

DANVILLE --Eighty-two year old Jack A. Caldwell Sr., who has chronic health problems, is scheduled to go on trial Monday in Boyle Circuit Court for murder in the 2004 shooting death of his next-door neighbor.

Caldwell could face 20 years to life in prison in August of 2004 shooting death of retired school principal 63-year old Jim Trachsel. Trachsel was shot five times with a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle while cutting his lawn on a riding mower. He was pronounced dead at the Danville hospital.

Defense attorneys will argue that Caldwell shot in self-defense. Caldwell claimed Trachsel was trying to run him down with the lawn tractor.

The first trial in August 2005 ended in a mistrial before any testimony was heard because of problems related to jury selection. The Kentucky Court of Appeals has ruled Caldwell can't claim double jeopardy. The Kentucky Supreme Court affirmed that lower court's decision.

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