Boone Seeking Zoning Limits On Sex Businesses

BURLINGTON - If sexually oriented businesses want to open in Boone County, the owners will face zoning restritions on where they can locate if the planning commission has its way, reports NKY.Com news.

The county's Planning Commission is considering new zoning regulations that would restrict the location of sexually oriented businesses to industrial and commercial areas, reports the Web site for the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post.

Those aren't the only proposed guidelines. Sexually oriented businesses would have to be 1,000 feet away from homes, schools, day cares and other places children might visit, said Kevin Costello, Planning Commission executive director.

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that communities must provide zones where sexually oriented businesses may locate, but that communities can regulate the businesses.

Boone County now has no known sexually oriented businesses. For years, the county chose to deal with the businesses, when proposed, through existing zoning laws. But earlier this year, county Administrator Jeff Earlywine decided to tackle the issue.

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