Testimony Continues In A Boyle County Murder Trial

Testimony continues today in a Boyle County murder trial.

Jack Caldwell stands charged with shooting his neighbor, Jim Trachsel during a dispute about a property line.

Caldwell is in such poor health, he has to be brought to court in a wheelchair on oxygen.

But prosecutors say the 82-year-old should still stand trial.

The trial began Monday, when the jury heard 911 tapes from Trachsel's wife.

Tuesday, neighbors of the suspect and victim took the stand recounting what they saw and heard the night of the crime.

Today, another neighbor took the stand and detailed some encounters with Caldwell before the murder happened.

He testified that the two men had a long history of conflict.

Because of the holiday tomorrow, the judge excused the jury and testimony will pick up on Monday at nine in the morning.

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