Lawmakers Discuss Off-Campus Housing For UK Students

The Lexington Fayette Urban County Government is considering a proposal that would result in some students having to find a new place to live.

A proposal brought forward by Councilman David Stevens, that according to him, affects UK students, landlords, and everyday citizens of Lexington. He says the student population is simply too concentrated in one area.

He says the dense population will increase problems like too many cars, noise, trash and alcohol abuse.

Not everyone shares that same opinion. Some say the proposal is a direct discrimination against students, and say in it's current form would be against the law.

Those opposed even offer a solution saying the council should concentrate on enforcing current laws in the area rather than imposing new ones.

The regulations being discussed would allow only three non-related students to live in an off-campus house at a time.

If passed, it would also not allow student residential unit to exist within 180 feet of another student home.

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