Avoiding Holiday Flight Delays

It's one of the busiest travel weeks of the year!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, millions of Americans will reach their destination by plane, and many taking to the skies will have to face those dreaded delays at airports.

In a 27 NEWSFIRST Reality Check, we looked at whether or not the airport or the airline you choose can make a difference on how long it takes you to reach that destination.

More and more travelers, especially during the holiday season, say delays are part of their flying experience, spending too much of their time sitting on the ground.

And with more air travelers than ever this holiday season, we looked at which airports you may be waiting at the longest, before you can board your plane.

Over the last year, Blue Grass Airport had 17.5 percent of all departing flights delayed.
Louisville International reported 10.5 percent of flights delayed, and Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport had over 20 percent of all departing flights delayed.

At the Blue Grass Airport, we compared the six airports currently lodged there. Comair Delta reported the least amount of departing delays, with Express Jet Continental reporting the highest.

All statistics courtesy of Bureau Of Transportation

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