Preventing Parking Lot Crime

Many people across the Bluegrass will be hitting the malls this week as the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing.

But while you're checking out the deals inside, Lexington police want to make sure you don't become a crime victim outside.

It's the time of the year when parking lot crimes jump, and Lexington police want you to know how to protest yourself.

Detective Rob Sarrantonio with Bluegrass Crimestoppers knows all too well about thefts in parking lots this time of year. He says the criminals are looking for the crime of opportunity, and they are not going to waste their time on a vehicle if they don't know what's in there.

Police say every year they see a large influx of reported car break-ins. The theives stake out shopping mall parking lots, waiting on you to come and go. You buy hundreds of dollars worth of gifts, go out to your vehicle in the parking lot, unload your gifts, and go back in to continue shopping. Police say that's what some of these thieves are looking for.

The best way to protect yourself is to wait until you're finished shopping before bringing your purchases to the car. But if you have to make a trip to the car before you're done with your holiday shopping, then try to keep your packages out of clear sight, whether that means putting everything in the trunk, or covering up your bags with blankets.

Police will also increase patrols on roads around Fayette Mall and Hamburg, making sure drivers obey traffic laws.

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