Controversy Over 911 Dispatcher's Response

An Eastern Kentucky murder brings controversy for 911 dispatchers, accused of handling the call for help from the scene, all wrong.

The 911 call was in reference to a fight back in early October. A woman called from an especially violent scene, where weapons were involved, and a man ended up dead.

In the call, you hear a worried woman on one end and a dispatcher on the other, with a completely different tone.

Police charged George Maynard with killing Timothy Ward, by hitting him in the head with a glass bottle. A woman saw the fight break out October 1st, and called 911.

Caller:"134 head of Pickle Fork. They got guns and everything."
911 Dispatcher:"134."
Caller:"Yes, it's an emergency."
Caller:"That guy's going to kill somebody."
Caller:"They got this guy in the ditch and are beating him senseless and threatening to shoot him."

After the woman who called 911 hung up, the dispatcher called in the police, and that's when the controversial part begins.

Dispatcher:"What are you doing?"
Deputy:"Nothing, what's going on?"
Dispatcher:"Not much."

After the two spent seven seconds exchanging greetings, the dispatcher then told the deputy about the urgent call for help.

Dispatcher:"All the woman would say is 134 Pickle Fork.
Deputy:"That could be anywhere."
Dispatcher:"I don't know if she's talking about Pickle Fork in general, or what she's talking about."
Dispatcher:""I don't even know whether, you know, really there'd be much truth to it or not."
Deputy:"Well I'll just go and look and see what I can see. Maybe somebody will flag me down or something."
Dispatcher:"Just drive through and be done with it."

Police never found the scene. Family ended up taking the victim to the hospital on their own several hours later where he went into a coma. He died weeks later.

Paintsville's mayor says the Johnson County City will look into the matter to make sure it never happens again.

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