State Board Ignores Suggestion From Governor-Elect

Despite prodding from Governor-elect Steve Beshear, the Kentucky Board of Education may have already reached a decision on who should get the job of education commissioner.

Two weeks ago. the board named four finalists for the 200,000 dollar a year position. Even though Beshear has been asking for a say, he board could announce a new commissioner on Sunday.

The four finalists for the job include: Richard Hughes, a Morehead State University professor and former superintendent; Jim Warford, Executive Director of the Florida Association of School Administrators and former chancellor of Florida's public schools; Jon Draud, a state representative and former superintendent; and Larry Vick, who is currently the superintendent of the Owensboro Independent School District.

While Beshear says it is not the governor's job to hire someone, he says he'd like to make sure the Board of Education has done an exhaustive search. According to the board, a nation wide search was conducted for the position.

The State Board of Education will meet Sunday in Frankfort behind closed doors to discuss the 4 remaining candidates and it could name a new commissioner at that time.

The board of education received more than 50 applications for the job.

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