Boyle County Murder Trial Delayed

New information in the murder trial of an 82-year-old Danville man.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned the case against Jack Caldwell won't resume for weeks.

Caldwell's attorney says his client is still being treated for a staph infection in the hospital.

It's expected to take at least three weeks for him to heal.

The judge says the trial will stay on hold until mid-January.

Caldwell is accused of killing his neighbor, Jim Trachsel, in 2004.

Caldwell's defense attorney tells 27 NEWSFIRST they have 13 more witnesses to call, including Caldwell himself, who he says will have to testify since he is using a self-defense strategy.

We are also told the jury will go to the scene at some point during the trial.

AP Story

DANVILLE, Ky. (AP) - The trial of an 83-year-old man charged with murdering his neighbor in central Kentucky has been continued until at least January.

Boyle Circuit Judge Darren Peckler ruled today to delay the trial mainly because defendant Jack Caldwell Senior is battling a contagious MRSA staph infection.

Peckler says the courtroom is not designed to be a hospital ward and it would be difficult to accommodate Caldwell's needs.

Treatment for the staph infection will take another three weeks to run its course.

The judge told jurors he would call them around January 15th to update them on the status of the trial.

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