Proposed Home Development Plan Debated

It's standing room only at Georgetown City Hall tonight, and all because some homeowners are upset about what could be coming next door.

Residents of the Harmony Ridge subdivision met with city leaders to speak out against a plan to build more than a hundred new homes nearby.

Redith Couture loves her corner house on Pleasant View Drive. The Chicago native moved into the Harmony Ridge subdivision a year ago to get away from the busy streets. But now, she's talking about packing up from her dream home, due to a new housing development that may be popping up soon.

What she and other neighbors in the subdivision are opposed to, is the plan to build more than 134 single family homes on farm land behind Harmony Ridge.

Attorney Preston Cecil represents the developer. He says the developer is helping the neighborhood. He says the developer plans to build single family homes, as opposed to the city's comprehensive plan to zone the property for urban residential.

The city's plan would bring close to 400 homes and apartments to the area.

Many neighbors are concerned about the extra traffic the homes will bring to the area, not to mention the need for the new development.

They say they can't even sell the homes that are already there, but Cecil argues that there is still a demand for a quality product.

A product facing huge opposition in a growing Georgetown.

A final decision was not made at Monday's meeting.

The final vote on the development decision will be december 10th.

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