Thieves Steal Air Conditioning Units For Copper

Some Pulaski County homeowners have an expensive mess on their hands, and it's all because of some copper thieves.

Several air conditioning units in the Ferguson community have been destroyed, because police say two men were trying to get their hands on some copper.

Charles Back and Jimmy Whitson are accused of stealing entire air conditioning units, in order to strip them down and steal the copper inside.

Now, both are in jail.

Ferguson Police Chief David Moss says in just this area alone, 6 different air conditioning units have been destroyed.

But the copper the thieves are turning for a profit, Moss says, isn't nearly as much as the units are worth.

He says the copper and aluminum inside the units only amount to about 50 or 60 dollars in profit.

Police say Back and Whitson also broke into one of the homes and took several items, before going outside and stealing the air conditioners.

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