Avoiding Deadly Fires: Fire Prevention Tips

There have been at least six house fires this week alone, and firefighters say it's no surprise.

Assistant Chief Chuck Fowler with the Lexington Fire Department says that while every season has it's fire issues, they do see more this time of year.

While we don't have a definitive cause for all of the recent fires, it's been indicated that alternative sources of heat could be the cause of at least one of them.

Assistant Chief Fowler says space heaters are one source of heat that can be dangerous if not used properly. He says if they are not used in well ventilated areas, they could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The State Fire Marshals office tells us careless smoking and unattended candles are two other main causes of fire. Most may think they have several minutes to get to safety once a fire starts, but in reality, it only takes a few minutes for a home to go up in flames.

There have been 63 deaths caused by fire this year in Kentucky, which is actually low compared to earlier years. Assistant Chief Fowler says the key to surviving is not to panic. He says its important to practice an escape plan, so if a fire breaks out, it's second nature.

In Kentucky, we average between 50 and 120 deaths a year from fire.

All newly built homes, including mobile homes, must have smoke detectors, and apartment buildings with three or more units also have to have smoke detectors.

Assistant Chief Fowler says there's a push to get all newly built homes equipped with sprinkler systems, too.

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