Abuse Suspects Play The Blame Game In Jailhouse Interview

Three of four people arrested for allegedly holding a Perry County woman against her will and abusing her for months tell their sides of the story.

From the Kentucky River Regional Jail in Perry County, a mother and daughter-in-law blame each other and reveal why it all happened.

Charlotte Crawford and Penny Ford seemed to be in agreement at first. They both claimed Donna Hicks was not physically abused and never held against her will. They said she even left the house several times to go to the store and to pick up medicine. But when drugs were brought up, their story took separate turns.

"That woman was kept there because of the pills she got every month and the checks she drawed and she's got a lawsuit pending and that's exactly why the woman was kept there," said Ford.

"They got it. I'll take a lie detector test. They got her pills every month, cause I got my own," Crawford said.

Kentucky State Police say they found Donna Hicks restrained in a utility closet, starved and beaten from head to toe.

"She came and stayed with me for a few days one time and told me she was depressed and that she was tired of Charlotte being mean to her and cussing her all the time," Ford said.

"She had bruises but I don't know who did it because I didn't see it," Crawford said.

Charlotte Crawford says she and Donna Hicks used to be next door neighbors, but let Hicks move into her new home, to protect her from an ex-boyfriend. Crawford's son, who lives just one mile away, says Hicks used to stay with him and his wife, Penny, but claims they're innocent.

"If my mom done this and my step-dad done this, they need to be punished, but I didn't do this and I know my wife didn't do this," Billy Crawford said.

Billy Williams decided not to tell his side of the story.

All of their bonds are now at $50,000 cash except for Penny Ford. Her bond is now $10,000 cash.

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