Laurel County Couple Indicted After Scam

They said they simply wanted to sell things online, but ended up in court.

A grand jury indicted the Laurel County couple for theft when checks they cashed for items sold online ended up being fake.

Today the couple was back in court, ready, they say, to put the whole case behind them.

Darrell Blankenship and his wife Barbara claimed they were victims of a scam, because they took cashier's checks for things they sold on the internet, thinking the checks were legit. Later, they found out they weren't. They had promised to pay the money back, but a grand jury indicted them anyway.

Today, Darrell entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge of misdemeanor theft by deception.

Darrell and Barbara Blakenship said in March said they were the victims of a scam, even though they were the ones in trouble with the law.

Needing some cash, they posted cabinets on the internet for sale. They received 10 thousand dollars in payments in the form of cashier's checks.

But the checks were bogus. A grand jury indicted the couple, yet they claimed they didn't know the checks were fake. And just yesterday, a Florida based Christian publication company sent prosecutors a letter backing up the Blankenship's defense. Strang Communications claimed their checks were stolen, forged, and sent to the Blankenships as payment. Yet, this morning, none of that seemed to matter, as Darrell Blankenship pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft by deception charge. The Blankenships, their attorney, and even the prosecutor all declined to comment.

As part of the plea deal, all charges against Barbara Blankenship are expected to be dropped at sentencing in January.

The Laurel County Circuit Judge could give Darrell Blankenship 12 months in jail that would be probated for 24 months.

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